Become A Mutineer

Mutiny is a loose network of activists who happened to be in the same pub at the same time after a national demonstration. We are completely open to new ideas, new faces and new events. We want you to join the Mutiny. You can participate on any level you want. This could be holding an On Trial event in your town or city using the template from the Resistance Gallery or something entirely of your own making. Or it could be as simple as inviting your Facebook friends to come along to Sex on Trial, uploading video to MutinyTV or submitting posts to the Mutiny blog.

  • Email us with any suggestions for our website or for events.
  • Come to our next event: Sex on Trial. Tickets are available via Paypal here.
  • Donate your time and ideas at our next organising meeting (check the sidebar for details), or money here.
  • Add us as a friend or join our group on facebook, follow our tweets, and sign up to our mailing list.

2 responses to “Become A Mutineer

  1. mutineersmutiny

    Please add suggestions for other ways to get involved

  2. I can show you how the state could absolutely powerless against any act of munity. Visit and lets have a chat.