Past Events

Violence on Trial – 26/04/11

The inquest into the death of Ian Tomlinson, the Nato bombing of Libya and the continued unrest in revolutionary Egypt were the vivid backdrop to Mutiny’s Violence on Trial. John Rees from Stop the War  spoke alongside Egyptian revolutionary Hannah Elsisi, who provided a brilliantly insightful account of counter-revolutionary violence.

The sparky discussion followed informative and intelligent contributions from Elly Badcock from Counterfire and Ben Amunwa of PLATFORM. The discussions had been kicked off with a discussion about police violence and the appalling outcomes of asking the police to support victims of sexual and domestic violence with Angie Conroy from Rape Crisis England.

Live acts from Sh!t Theatre, songs from Coffee Maggots/Commie Faggots, poetry from Jordan Savage, and an original short play penned by Steve Lally made VoT a night of high calibre entertainment.

Love on Trial – 10/01/11

The sell-out return of our alternative Valentine’s Love on Trial was hosted by Mutiny’s own Lola Sparkle at the Resistance Gallery. The Mutineers hosted discussion sessions on Learning to Love, Love and Institutions, and Love Activism, as the audience picked apart romantic ideology and debated the politics of polyamory. Speakers included academics Prof Deborah Philips, Dr Christian Klesse & Dr Nina Power; playwright Steve Lally and pioneering campaigner against homophobia in schools Elly Barnes. With fantastic performances throughout the evening from Bird la Bird (Society for Cutting up Couples), comedians Helen Arney & Sh!t Theatre, performance poets Alison Brumfitt & Deborah Grayson, beatboxer R-tizt and DJ Riotstar, the schedule was almost as packed as the venue. Thanks again to everyone who came and made it so special. You can read the Purrversatility review here.

Education on Trial – 04/11/10

Education on Trial was hosted by ULU President Clare Solomon, just days before the NUS/UCU ‘Fund Our Future’ Demo. Featuring speakers from School Students Against War, NUS Campaigns and the Middlesex Occupation, and performances from Sh!t Theatre, poet Alison Brumfitt and comedian Grainne Maguire, we debated academies and privatisation; higher education, cuts and fees; pedagogy, radical education and the future.

Fashion on Trial – 29/09/2010

In a fancy-dress special during London Fashion Week, Mutiny explored Consuming Fashion, Producing Fashion, & Unpicking Fashion, with a spectacular line-up including academic Caroline Walters on fat and fashion, War on Want, and exclusive video interviews with Susie Orbach & Gigi Durham.

Media on Trial – 21/07/2010

Hosted by former Sunday Times journalist Brendan Montague and featuring Big Brother Contestant Carole Vincent, photojournalist Guy Smallman and comedian Josie Long, The Media on Trial kicked off with speed debating before providing a whistle-stop tour of issues in contemporary media such hegemony, neutrality, new media, and the media’s potential as a force for change.

Democracy on Trial – 12/05/2010

A post-election political analysis: Neil Faulkner on the history of democracy; Kate Connelly on reform vs revolution; Emma Dowling on ‘after-globalisation’; poetry from Angry Sam; and a live DJ set from Bon Bon Jovi Jovi to chase away those Tory blues.

Love on Trial – 10/02/2010

Discussions centred around Love for Sale, Love and Hate, and Love & the State were interspersed by video screenings, poetry recitals and play performances, whilst participants drifted between the discussion table and mezzanine art gallery. The controversial alternatives Valentines night received rave reviews, such as this and this.

Money on Trial – 24/09/2009

Has money destroyed the music business? Can the money markets deliver on climate change? Can the government be trusted with our money? Screening of Greenpeace’s A Time Comes, a cameo performance from Victory (hip hop star from the People’s Army collective) and an unbeatable audience made Money on Trial “an evening of quick fire entertainment which was both engaging and enlightening.”


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