About Mutiny

Mutiny presents a series of carnivalesque evenings providing live entertainment and meaningful debates. We are a network of activists who have come together to create an exciting, safe space for discussion, critical theory and alternative media.

We want to change the world. We want to see an end to the carbon economy, to the global dominance of the American military complex and sweatshops abroad and call centres in the UK. At the same time we want to spend an evening with friends, enjoying a drink and the spectacle of alternative films and documentaries, performances and poetry, comedy and art instillations.

We have booked the avant-garde Resistance Gallery hidden away under the railway tracks in London’s Bethnal Green for a series of On Trial events. The intimate space will host a stage for live performances, a mezzanine for photography and art and a central table for interviews and contributions from the audience. We have 150 tickets and one of them has your name on it.

We are completely open to new ideas. So if you are a political performer with talent and a message drop us a line now. If you are a gang of mates who want a good night out without being bombarded with naked women, football commentary or half-baked reactionary comedy you know where to come. If you are an activist with a stack of flyers for an up-coming direct action bring them along.

For more detailed information about us and our events: Why Mutiny?


6 responses to “About Mutiny

  1. Looks brilliant and I hope the launch event is a great success. If I didn’t live hundreds of miles north, I’d be there! This is precisely what we need more of – good luck.

  2. Kristina


  3. I wish I could join you, but I am in Toronto. If/when I am in town, I sure would like to get in touch. But all the best and I am planning to work on building sustainable food systems in western mountain region of Nepal and I hope that way, we can address practically the money mutiny concepts.

    ALl the best anyway and you all have great fun

  4. Sian gough

    looks amazing and brilliant initiative.great to see new ways of sharing ideas and stimulating discussion.Just wish I was in london .

  5. Please put my name on a couple of your tickets. I look forward to attending what sounds to be a truly free-spirited event for those who are not content with the current status quo of lies and deceit and who pursue Truth and Justice.

  6. justin

    I didn’t get a chance to ask the green party member where my “green job” is. Keep talking Green party.