Kitty Stryker’s stunning video interview at Sex on Trial

Sex worker Kitty Stryker tells in an intimate video interview by Lola Sparkle for Sex on Trial that the policing of sex takes place “multiple different levels” including through the state and the self.

She says:

You have a government deciding what is acceptable practice in public and in private, you have schools deciding what is appropriate to teach and what is not appropriate to teach. You have society deciding what sort of sexual practices are acceptable to promote or to encourage or to advertise and which ones are not… and of course we police each other [via] cultural biases

She argued that sexual hegemony is an obstacle for many disabled individuals and there sexuality. On her own experiences, Stryker comments that as a sex worker, there seemed a discomfort from society regarding the fact that she received money for sex.

Kitty has a major in Psychology and Anthropology, and has used her education to become what she describes as a ‘contemporary courtesan’. Over the last few years has aided people with discovering or rediscovering their sexualities, including those with disabilities of various kinds.

Kitty also writes for the recommendable blog Purrversatility, which addresses sexual issues in the manner that all decent and proud people should do- with no holds barred.

Kitty describes herself as “an advocate for sex and disability activism and a fierce queer femme, a happy broke-ass ho working with the Sex Worker Outreach Project in Oakland, California”.

She has additionally worked with the Bureau of Erotic Discourse and is a founding member of Kinky Salon London. Furthermore, Stryker has received an Erotic Award for her London-based Ladies High Tea and Pornography Society groups and has have done multiple documentaries and interviews about her work.

The video interview was shown during the ‘Sex Police’ discussion that has raised a plethora of vital questions: What counts as ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’ sex? Who decides this? How is it regulated? What happens if one is outside these boundaries?
Mutiny and Critical Sexology’s Sex on Trial is still going as this blog goes online and the night is still young.

Mutiny and Critical Sexology is well under way at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green, east London. The Mutiny evening will kick off with speed debating at 6.30pm but you are welcome to pop in any time tonight. Tickets £5 and £3 concession on the door.



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