Cari Mitchell joins the jury at Sex on Trial

 Cari Mitchell will join the Mutiny tomorrow, Thursday, December 8, at Mutiny and Critical Sexology present Sex On Trial, held at the Resistance Gallery. The spokesperson for the English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP) will be addressing the issue of police raids on sex workers. 

With government legislature increasingly criminalising prostitutes, Mitchell has publicly emphasised the importance in addressing the motives behind individuals’ involvement in the sex industry. In April 2010, Mitchell published an article in The Guardian entitled Sex Work Should not be a Crime, arguing that:

Police powers to arrest women deemed to be loitering or soliciting have been reinforced [and] raids have escalated… the financial reasons driving many women [into prostitution] have been ignored

The English Collective of Prostitutes campaigns for the decriminalisation or prostitution, financial alternatives, and the rights and protection of sex workers. Through this organisation Mitchell provides information, support and a voice for those working in the sex trade- both on the street and indoors.

From prostitution to pornography, the sex industry will be a broadly covered area at tomorrow’s Sex on Trial, in which 150 people a set to attend the event organised by Mutiny and Critical Sexology.

‘Contemporary courtesan’ Kitty Stryker – who has previous received an Erotic Award for her London-based Ladies High Tea and Pornography Society groups – will also be addressing the Mutineers (by pre-recorded video interview) in Part II, which questions what – or who – determines ‘normal’ sex and sexuality.

Thursday evening will see these above matters incorporated into a night of great sociable atmosphere. Like previous Mutiny events – which have seen Democracy, Violence, Love, the Media, and Money (amongst others) brought into the dock- there will also be free food provided, general discussions on the old ‘S word’, music, art, performance and ‘speed debating’- where all are free to engage in exhilarating exchanges of perspectives with fellow Mutineers. The event will open at 3pm at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green.

Entry to the afternoon seminar is free. Tickets for the evening event are £5 buy-one-get-one-free in advance online at or £5/3 on the door. If you attend the afternoon seminar event you will be entitled to concession price entry to the evening event (£3).


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