Youth practitioner Ester McGeeney puts Sex on Trial

by Alex Montague

Youth practitioner Ester McGeeney will discuss pleasure and sex education at Mutiny and Critical Sexology present Sex on Trial at Bethnal Green on December 8.

Ester is currently studying her PhD in Sexual Pleasure, Young People and Sexual Health, in a studentship funded by the Open University and the young people’s sexual health charity Brook.

Laura Harvey, who is on the organising committee, said: “Ester’s work has concentrated on the dominant view of young people and practitioners towards ‘good sex’ and the impact this has on the delivery of sexual health services for the young. McGeeney examines sexual pleasure with regards to ways in which it can be incorporated into understanding sex and sexuality.”

Ester has also been involved with such projects as the British Sociological Association funded Researching Inequalities: A Theory for Everything?; a one day conference in May 2011 which created a forum exploring the current state of inequality and ways for researchers to consider the practices and methodologies.

Sex on Trial is a collaboration between Mutiny, who have previously hosted various ‘On Trial’ events including Love, Violence, Money, Sexual Education, and Democracy, and the seminar series Critical Sexology, which is approaching its tenth anniversary.

Sex on Trial will see Mutineers calling to question such issues as ‘healthy’ and ’normal’ sex, consent, and sexual revolution. This will all be brought into a night of general discussion, music, art, performance and ‘speed debating’- where all are free to engage of swift but fruitful exchanges of perspectives.

The trial will also incorporate Skype interviews with the likes of Kitty Stryker and Sara McClelland into a group discussion that differentiates with the norm of seminar and speaker-and-audience style meetings, instead taking an egalitarian approach to a subject matter many feel our society still needs to come to grips with.

The event will open at 3pm at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green. In the first half of Sex on Trial, hosted by Critical Sexology and supported by Mutiny, Ester will adapt this broad and extensively researched knowledge of sexual pleasure towards the subject of sex education. This ability will succeed in being beneficial for all attendees in discussing sex freely amongst the one hundred plus gathering.

For those that have not yet purchased tickets for Sex on Trial, please do so here. Sex on Trial will also provide free food for attendees, as well as generally succeeding as a thrilling social event with an impression menagerie of minds, beliefs and openness.

Entry to the afternoon seminar is free. Tickets for the evening event are £5 buy-one-get-one-free in advance online at or £5/3 on the door. If you attend the afternoon seminar event you will be entitled to concession price entry to the evening event (£3).



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