Kitty Stryker and Dr Sara McClelland put Sex on Trial

by Alex Montague

Academic Dr Sara McClelland and erotica legend Kitty Stryker will both appear for Mutiny and Critical Sexology present Sex on Trial through the magic of pre-recorded Skype interviews.

Their contributions will be part of the Mutiny mayhem with debate, discussion, performance, art and poetry beginning at 3pm and lasting until 11pm on Thursday December 8 at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green, London. Tickets are £5 on the door with discounts online.


Kitty is a bright spark

Dr McClelland has dedicated herself into research regarding the socio and psychological aspects of health, sex, and relationships. In essence she raises the honourable question of how individuals’ sexual well-being is affected by society and its conditions.

As Dr McClelland’s previous studies have included analysing the effects of race, illness, gender, sexual minority status and age, it is a thrill to announce that we shall also have, from Berkeley, California, Kitty gracing our ears and minds on the subject of Sex and Disability.

Kitty has a major in Psychology and Anthropology, and has used her education to become what she describes as a ‘contemporary courtesan’; over the last few years has aided people with discovering or rediscovering their sexualities.

Kitty also writes for the recommendable blog Purrversatility, which addresses sexual issues in the manner that all decent and proud people should do- with no holds barred.

Kitty describes herself as “an advocate for sex and disability activism and a fierce queer femme, a happy broke-ass ho working with the Sex Worker Outreach Project in Oakland, California”. She has additionally worked with the Bureau of Erotic Discourse and is a founding member of Kinky Salon London. Furthermore, Stryker has received an Erotic Award for her London-based Ladies High Tea and Pornography Society groups and has have done multiple documentaries and interviews about her work.

The video interviews will be shown during the ‘Sex Police’ discussion that will raise a plethora of vital questions: What counts as ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’ sex? Who decides this? How is it regulated? What happens if one is outside these boundaries?

What fascinates the mind more is that Stryker and McClelland’s video interviews are only a fraction of the grander discussion of the night. A full timetable of Sex on Trial held at Bethnall Green’s Resistance Gallery is available online.

As with previous Trials, there will be live music and artistic performances and food served for free. So please join the Mutiny and Critical Sexology and purchase your tickets for Sex on Trial here:

Entry to the afternoon seminar is free. Tickets for the evening event are £5 buy-one-get-one-free in advance online or £5/3 on the door. If you attend the afternoon seminar event you will be entitled to concession price entry to the evening event (£3).


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