Mutiny presents Sex Education on Trial @Student Activism 2011

Much as we love the Resistance Gallery sometimes Mutiny get itchy feet! We like to pack up the table, the squeaky heart and our revolutionary politics and go onnn the rooooooaaaddd! This weekend we’ll be at Student Activism 2011 to get talking to some students about Sex Education. We took our radical audience participation format to NUS conference in Newcastle earlier this year, to put Protest on Trial, and we’re thrilled to be involved with Student Activism 2011; it looks awesome. There’s loads of workshops and talks, on stuff like gender, disability, campaigning, Palestine, squatting, climate change… too much to say. Head over and check it out yourselves.

Here’s what we’ll be up to:

Hosted by Mutiny’s own Lola Sparkle, Saturday’s session will include a hilarious musical interlude by Deborah Grayson and Tobias Fauntleroy and we’ll show a video clip to help spark your ideas about Sex Education. Our guest speaker is Mauve, a sex and relationships educator, and part of the organising team for our upcoming event Sex on Trial. But mostly: it’s down to you? How do you feel about Sex Education? How should Sex Education look in the future and how can we make it happen? Why all the focus on STI prevention and nothing about how to go about talking about consent, desire and well-being? There’ll be a central table where you can come and give your views, or your take on any question that comes up: don’t ramble on through: you’ll get just 60 seconds each before this rapid journey through SexEd will be onwards to the next set of ideas…

Link to our blog entry at Student Activism 2011 here


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