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Kitty Stryker and Dr Sara McClelland put Sex on Trial

by Alex Montague

Academic Dr Sara McClelland and erotica legend Kitty Stryker will both appear for Mutiny and Critical Sexology present Sex on Trial through the magic of pre-recorded Skype interviews.

Their contributions will be part of the Mutiny mayhem with debate, discussion, performance, art and poetry beginning at 3pm and lasting until 11pm on Thursday December 8 at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green, London. Tickets are £5 on the door with discounts online.


Kitty is a bright spark

Dr McClelland has dedicated herself into research regarding the socio and psychological aspects of health, sex, and relationships. In essence she raises the honourable question of how individuals’ sexual well-being is affected by society and its conditions.

As Dr McClelland’s previous studies have included analysing the effects of race, illness, gender, sexual minority status and age, it is a thrill to announce that we shall also have, from Berkeley, California, Kitty gracing our ears and minds on the subject of Sex and Disability.

Kitty has a major in Psychology and Anthropology, and has used her education to become what she describes as a ‘contemporary courtesan’; over the last few years has aided people with discovering or rediscovering their sexualities.

Kitty also writes for the recommendable blog Purrversatility, which addresses sexual issues in the manner that all decent and proud people should do- with no holds barred.

Kitty describes herself as “an advocate for sex and disability activism and a fierce queer femme, a happy broke-ass ho working with the Sex Worker Outreach Project in Oakland, California”. She has additionally worked with the Bureau of Erotic Discourse and is a founding member of Kinky Salon London. Furthermore, Stryker has received an Erotic Award for her London-based Ladies High Tea and Pornography Society groups and has have done multiple documentaries and interviews about her work.

The video interviews will be shown during the ‘Sex Police’ discussion that will raise a plethora of vital questions: What counts as ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’ sex? Who decides this? How is it regulated? What happens if one is outside these boundaries?

What fascinates the mind more is that Stryker and McClelland’s video interviews are only a fraction of the grander discussion of the night. A full timetable of Sex on Trial held at Bethnall Green’s Resistance Gallery is available online.

As with previous Trials, there will be live music and artistic performances and food served for free. So please join the Mutiny and Critical Sexology and purchase your tickets for Sex on Trial here:

Entry to the afternoon seminar is free. Tickets for the evening event are £5 buy-one-get-one-free in advance online or £5/3 on the door. If you attend the afternoon seminar event you will be entitled to concession price entry to the evening event (£3).


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November 30, 2011 · 6:37 pm

When Professor Nutt put Drugs on Trial…

by Alex Montague

Over the last two years, Mutiny has been blessed with wide-ranging trials. Violence, Love, Education, Democracy, Work, Fashion, Money, and the Media have all previously been in dock, and on Monday 10 of October 2011, a remarkable collection of Mutineers gathered in Bethnal Green’s Resistance Gallery to divert its attention towards another subject that, much like Education, Fashion, Love, and the Media, really reflects society’s relationship with people and the mind.

‘Drugs on Trial’ laid bare the questions that, it soon appeared, urgently required debate: why are addicts criminalized, and does this work in the prevention of narcotic abuse? Is substance usage pathological? Why are some drugs prescribed, other prohibited? And who is really winning the ‘War on Drugs’? All these were addressed in three sections: Consumption, Production and Prescription.

Such a varied discussion was met with a broad range of contributions. Comical yet provocative anecdotes were followed by strikingly honest yet important recollections from previous drug users, and then by stunning reminders of drugs’ damage upon the most marginalised and vulnerable people, communities and nations.

Appreciating the larger arena for debate, former government drugs advisor Professor David Nutt attended the trial and entered a constructive dialogue with attendees. Nutt’s previous claim that cannabis use was less harmful than alcohol consumption had been too much for then Home Secretary Alan Johnson, and Nutt’s employment in the British government was terminated over his objections to the government’s drugs classifications, imprisonment of users, and dismissing of scientific evidence and advice. His presence alone was enough to inform the crowd, and us all, that a review of Drugs is desired amongst a broad section of society and expertise.

The cultural impact of drugs amongst alternative culture has been revaluated over the last few recession-ridden years, and this was reflected at the event. Their appeared neither knee jerk loyalties nor principled prejudices on the subject.

What was apparent soon after the opening ‘speed debates’ was how well overdue the matter was in meeting a broad and balanced discussion.  Aside from the aforementioned anecdotes, there also appeared possible antidotes. Naturally, the discussion on drugs in our current society soon progressed into the egalitarian crowd questioning how, or if, mankind’s tendency to escape via mind-altering substances would remain in a different- a better– world.

Mutiny has always prided, and differentiated, itself from the average group socio-political discussion via its employment of live artistic performance, and ‘Drugs on Trial’ did not disappoint. Engaging poetry performances stole the hearts and attention of all Mutineers, and the intelligent and witty lyricism of musical duo Coffee Maggots/Commie Faggots closed the night perfectly.

So with the theme of drugs, and the night’s entertainment rocking and rolling, the next step would for Mutiny could only be sex, and on December 8th 2011 Mutiny will next place this very subject on trial.

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Mutiny presents Sex Education on Trial @Student Activism 2011

Much as we love the Resistance Gallery sometimes Mutiny get itchy feet! We like to pack up the table, the squeaky heart and our revolutionary politics and go onnn the rooooooaaaddd! This weekend we’ll be at Student Activism 2011 to get talking to some students about Sex Education. We took our radical audience participation format to NUS conference in Newcastle earlier this year, to put Protest on Trial, and we’re thrilled to be involved with Student Activism 2011; it looks awesome. There’s loads of workshops and talks, on stuff like gender, disability, campaigning, Palestine, squatting, climate change… too much to say. Head over and check it out yourselves.

Here’s what we’ll be up to:

Hosted by Mutiny’s own Lola Sparkle, Saturday’s session will include a hilarious musical interlude by Deborah Grayson and Tobias Fauntleroy and we’ll show a video clip to help spark your ideas about Sex Education. Our guest speaker is Mauve, a sex and relationships educator, and part of the organising team for our upcoming event Sex on Trial. But mostly: it’s down to you? How do you feel about Sex Education? How should Sex Education look in the future and how can we make it happen? Why all the focus on STI prevention and nothing about how to go about talking about consent, desire and well-being? There’ll be a central table where you can come and give your views, or your take on any question that comes up: don’t ramble on through: you’ll get just 60 seconds each before this rapid journey through SexEd will be onwards to the next set of ideas…

Link to our blog entry at Student Activism 2011 here

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