Strikes me as great timing as tickets go on sale for Work on Trial

Mutiny announced today that tickets for the revolutionary event Work on Trial have gone on sale online – with buy-one-get-one-free on offer for a limited time.

The tickets are priced just £5 or £2.50 each if you book before the night. The price is exceptionally low and all the money goes towards publicity.

Work on Trial comes in the same week as what has now become “June 30” when a nationally co-ordinated day of strikes opposing public sector cuts will rock the country. The Guardian described June 30 as “the biggest backlash against the coalition’s deficit reduction plan.”

As many as 750,000 government workers could walk out with the PCS union, which has 250,000 members, voting in favour of joining the strike. PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka has been invited to Mutiny but appears to be a little busy!

Serwotka said: “This result shows that public servants, who provide vital services from the cradle to the grave, will not stand back while everything they have ever worked for is taken from them.

“The government admits that money cut from pensions will go straight to the Treasury to help pay off the deficit in what is nothing more than a tax on working in the public sector.”

Work on Trial is being held at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green from 6pm on Monday July 4 and will be a celebration of the June 30 strikes – and also a time to reflect on why we work, why we work for other people and how can we transform work so it works for us.

Discussions include how we fight discrimination in the workplace, how the nature of work impacts on the shape of society and creating a fair and inclusive welfare benefits system.

Click over to Paypal to get your tickets now!


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