Commie Faggots return to Mutiny for Work on Trial

Whether by popular demand or central committee decree, I wouldn’t know, but the Commie Faggots are back performing at Mutiny for Work on Trial.

The duet caused a storm at Violence on Trial with their irreverent and unnervingly well informed cover of the Spice Girls’ Wannabe in which “zigazig ha” is replaced with revolutionary demands.

Work on Trial is taking place on Monday, July 4 – Independence Day – at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green with key speakers Sian Berry, Anne-Marie O-Reilly and Nazek Ramadan speaking about workfare, fair work and migration.

Mutiny wanted a performance which would explore how work might look in a communistic utopian deep future – if there was no money, no state, no corporations and no bosses.

But failing that, the Commie Faggots could have a stab at explaining the labour theory of value in short verses backed by acoustic guitar – a song which will no doubt follow them all the way to Wembley Stadium stardom.

We know very well that in reality the Commie Faggots won’t be taking any commands on what subject matter to sing about from Mutiny’s loose collective of organisers. We’re just very pleased to have them back.


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2 responses to “Commie Faggots return to Mutiny for Work on Trial

  1. mojopixy

    i believe the song they mean is this one:

    cover, tribute or reclamation? you decide :o)

  2. r.chee

    i heard they’re going to perform a synopsis of das kapital’s analysis of the role of the industrial reserve army in keeping the wage slave system running smoothly, in the style of chaz and dave

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