Migrants voice anger at Work on Trial

Nazek Ramadan, the editor of Migrant Voice, will be speaking at Mutiny’s Work on Trial about the exploitation of people who come to the UK for jobs.

She will be taking part in the opening debate at the event which will focus on discrimination in the workplace, which is likely to range from sexism to racism and transphobia.

Migrants experience some of the most severe policing of work: the British points based system means that some workers are allowed into the country while others are effectively banned.

The Home Office decides which human beings are likely to turn a profit for employers. People who want to work in the UK in order to exploit human rights abuses or extreme poverty are locked out.

Despite such injustice, migrants are often blamed for unemployment with the government stoking up claims that workers entering the country are “stealing jobs”.

This racism often leads to violence against some of the most vulnerable in society.

Nazek is herself a migrant and a worker. Moreover, as editor of the Migrant Voice she has deep roots within migrant communities and has heard hundreds of real life stories.

We look forward to hearing some of those stories, and more about how the points based system reveals dramatically how people are valued on the basis of whether there is profit to be gained from their work.


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