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What should Mutiny’s next event be?

Mutiny wants YOU to decide what we should put up for trial next. We’ve put a lot of your ideas up to a vote and come up with a shortlist of three – work, state and energy. Once we’ve collected all the votes, this will be our summer (June) event, so let us know your thoughts!


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Artists at Violence on Trial!

With Violence on Trial just over a month away, our curator Raisa Kabir has put together a fantastic selection of artists displaying their work in the Resistance Gallery throughout the event. We’ll also be screening an exclusive video-interview with renowned artist Peter Kennard – it’s not too late to submit your questions in advance to or post them on the facebook event.

Sanchita Islam – Renowned Bengali artist in the Bethnal Green area of London, Sanchita has appeared on the BBC talking about cultural divides between the communities in East London. For Violence on Trial, Sanchita is re-showcasing her drawings and photos of women living in a safe refuge in East London after escaping violent and abusive marriages (from the project entitled Hidden). Find out more here.

Sophie Hanson – An artist from Chelsea College of art, exploring the potency of violence in film. Her work is a 5′ x 2.5′ painting depicting a scene from the film The Devil’s Rejects, in an attempt to take the violence from the screen and out of context on to the canvas. By isolating the scene, we are confronted with the shocking image of a violent act, serving as an uncomfortable reminder of how society normalises violence (primarily against women in film) as fantasy. Hanson questions whether we should be offended by this line of thinking – is it possible at our current stage of feminism to ‘enjoy’ such violence, as women? Read more here.

Matthew Drage – Matt primarily works with sculpture, and is creating a physical installation for Violence on Trial examining the parallels between sexual domination/predation/submission and our understanding of the divide between nature and culture. Gundogs, fishing, pubescence, various leisure activities and domestic interiors are currently focal points in his work, and he sees violence as inherent in all of this. See Matt’s website

Rob Oldham – Rob is creating a sound installation exploring the ways in which love turns to violence. The installation will be set up to enable guests to listen simultaneously on headphones and experience the work together in threes or fours.

Dom Fitch – Performance artist from Small Change theatre. Rob is exploring the violence of language used on the internet, recasting dialogues in a spoken format to highlight their bizarre, non-sensical but nonetheless menacing aspects. Innocent posts and clips rapidly gather comments that are positively violent in their racism and homophobia. Taking these words out of their usual context and transposing them here can make us all stop and think.

A Limited number of buy-one-get-one-free advance tickets are still available through – they’ll be going full-price soon.

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