Comedian Josie Long joins the Mutiny…

our type of woman!

Comedian Jose Long will join the Mutiny a week today for The Media on Trial to discuss the excesses of the national press and the uses of alternative publications for activists. Mutiny has today announced the final programme for the event at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green which includes the author and Gramsci expert Mike Wayne.

Tickets are already on sale HERE.

An onlooker said: “Jose is seriously funny and doesn’t shy away from brilliant social observation in her act. The night is likely to ascend into debates, incitement and general rioting.”

The evening of political discussion and entertainment will begin at 6pm with a round of the hugely popular Mutiny speed debating this time hosted by activist and general troublemaker Deborah Grayson.

This will be followed by 45 minutes of debate about the mass media – starting with Britain’s first ever public Daily Mail Song sing-a-long.

Big Brother contestant Carole Vincent giving a first hand account of how the tabloids tried to tear her family apart. Tauqir ‘Tox’ Sharif, a suvivor of the Gaza Flotilla – which was attacked by the Israeli Defence Force with the death of nine activists – will talk about the military’s media blackout operation.

Hegemony will be the focus of the second session from 8pm – how the media fits into civil society more generally and the level of impact broadcast and the printed press generally has on the common sense ideas people internalise. Rupert Murdoch, owner of News International will open the discussion by revealing how his media outlets – The Sun, The Times, The News of the World, Fox – tried and failed to turn public opinion around the world in favour of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (via the magic of YouTube).

Mike Wane, the author of Marxism and Media: Key Concepts and Contemporary Trends, will discuss hegemony with Counterfire editor and leading YouTube activist Ady Cousins. The audience

The third and final session will be hosted by the rising feminist star and New Statesman blogger Laurie Penny from 9pm. Among the areas for discussion will be how left bloggers can work more closely to begin to shift public opinion on issues including climate change and immigration. She will be joined by Guy Taylor of Globalise Resistance fame who will discuss the media portrayal of the anti-capitalist movement.

Guy Smallman, the radical photojournalist, will give insight into covering Afghanistan for the Financial Times. The whole event will be compared by Brendan Montague, author of The Sauce. There will be art instillations and a series of films compiled by Ady – who has achieved more than two million views on his YouTube channel.

But the most important element of the audience – as always – is the audience. Everyone is welcome to join the Mutiny table to debate the media, hegemony and the way forward. There is still time to submit media themed music requests, film clips, art and contributions via And if you have an event or protest coming up, send us your flyers and we’ll include them in our famous activist goody bags.


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  1. I watch her show ones, it was very good, we had lots of fun! I recommend it!

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