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Questions for ‘Black Gold on Trial’ sp

Questions for ‘Black Gold on Trial’ speed debating: please add to the post or tweet #mutiny


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Tickets ‘on Trial’ on sale now

We have no idea why WordPress wont let us add the HTML code for the Paypal ticket button so we have, temporarily, put it on another blog.

Go to Love Mutiny Tickets to buy your ticket for Democracy on Trial.

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Questions for ‘Black Gold on Trial’ speed debating

Thank you for all the suggestions for the title of our climate camp session. We agreed on Black Gold…

Now, we need about 15 questions for the warm-up speed debating. Please comment below with suggestions.


Mutiny presents: Black Gold on Trial

May 16th 1am (YES, thats ONE AM!!), Parliament Square. (Full details soon)
Join the Mutineers for a one-off special session in which we will be putting Black Gold on Trial. 15 minutes of speed debating will get you in the mood for the main rapid, round table discussion on The Effect of War on The Environment. We will question whether environmentally-friendly bullets are inappropriately named, how the scramble for oil is displacing millions and how capitalism hides its thirst for this oil behind Islamophobia and lies.

See for more information.

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What should we call our Climate Change session?

We have been invited to perform at the upcoming Campaing Against Clmate Change all night vigil on May 14th in Parliament Sq. On the topic of  The Effect of War on the Environment

Preceeded by speed debating.

Suggestions for the name of the Trial. Fill in the blank: _________ on Trial. And suggestions for questions for the speed debating please…comment below

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