Some of the poetry from Love on Trial. Thx a million Girgis Kalzi

This is one of the three poems that Girgis submitted to the evening. Girgis was the winner of the two free tickets for the first Mutiny, Money on Trial. We are so glad that he liked the event so much that he wrote these poems especially for us….aaah, we love you too Girgis 🙂

Love on trial by Girgis Kalzi

This poem is for the defence of Love;

In all manners which it manifests,

And an attack on is absence in what is important.

This poem is written with several situations in mind:

Palestine: Until Palestine can love itself, Israel will never show affection, helping Palestine will always be seen as ‘defection’.

Sudan: Diversity, its built into us now, we can’t destroy ourselves to keep Oil companies around.

Uganda: Who cares what myths you read, if Gays aren’t bothering you why not ‘turn the other cheek’?

Saudi Arabia: Love for women in KSA is misguided, so a woman can buy a car but can’t drive it?

America: Love one another as God ‘loves’ you, no matter if they’re black or brown, red or blue.

L o v e i s I n n o c e n t:

Love is a woman, so gentle, tender and sweet, A fighter, with sweat dripping down from her cheeks,

Love is a patient student, always on her feet, Yet before her work is due, never contemplating defeat,

Love needs time, love needs no rhyme, Love is more than just reading and interpreting signs,

Love is natural, it is never a sin, and Love is misunderstood in every context it’s in,

Love needs a lover, love needs a loved, Love needs nothing else, no man from above,

Love needs no defence, no judge of jury, yet it’s on trial today, so I’m just doing my duty,

Love lets us imagine without borders or walls, Love gives but takes back nothing at all,

Love burns when it dies, Love aches when it cries, Love can be seen in the loss in a Palestinians eyes,

Love is not mere ecstasy but sheer sacrifice, love is smiling in acceptance of your own demise,

Open minded, you never know what you’re looking for until you find it

Virtue, only in its absence can love every hurt you

Eternal hope, Love lets us breath, and cope, and Love is climbing down from the chair, and untying the rope,

If you’re not looking to love then you’re a liar, but love is the air, not some imaginary messiah,

Seldom does love need money; we need money to feed greed and pride, covering up what we feel inside,

Imagine understanding without retribution, realise love is the catalyst for all resolution,

Never just romance, its picking up the litter and cleaning up after the dance,

Never stopping at the lights, who says being with another race or religion isn’t right?

Opens the door to understanding, to patronise is to leave

Comes and sweeps you off your feet, with every word and every breath she makes you melt in your seat,

Every atom, every sinew and every enzyme, love is an irresistible force whether by nature of design,

No crime in being gay, who’s place is it to tell you it is anyway?

Things are what they are, but passion is what drives us to examine, go in depth, travel so far

So free love from all it’s shackles,

Love didn’t commit any of these debacles,

It’s name was used, just like Jesus, God and Islam,

By a select group of zealots who wish its followers nothing but harm,

Selling hearts on cards but love is in the mind,

Lets start a new chapter, leaving the old baggage behind!

Long Live Love!


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