Musa Okwonga, poet extraordinaire plays Love

So pleased to have Stop the War supporter, Musa Okwonga, play Love on Trial.

This is what he says on his Myspace:

“Some are from the streets, from crews like So Solid;

I’m from refugees, Eton is my college:

Posh but no dosh; yes, I guess that’s ironic,

I don’t fight with knives or mics, I write sonnets…

Many mates from school pursue familiar fates;

They’re chasing millions, instead I’m craving William Blake –

So while these cats get fatter, I stay as thin as a rake

Wishing to show life as a poet’s not a silly mistake

And still here I wait, using the tube, not a limousine,

Paycheque is small, not like that footballer Zinedine’s,

Patience is low, ambitions high as the Pyrenees –

Lyrically I’m weak; I need to write more similies…

Seriously, those poor folk who don’t know Benin City

Don’t know what they’re missing, so we look at them in pity,

Poetry spoken over beats like you’ve never heard it:

Passionate chat, drum, bass and sax; the mixture’s perfect.”

See you tomorrow…


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