Love on Trial tickets now on sale. Please distribute widely

Mutiny cordially invites you to join in for our 2nd voyage, Love on Trial. Doors open at 6pm with Speed Debating and then continues through the evening with a whole host of discussion, poetry, videos, music and shenanigans.
When: 10 February 6pm

Where: Resistance Gallery, Poyser St, London. E2 9RE

Cost: £3 students/concessions from:

Our line up includes some fabulous acts but the main point of the evening is to have as much involvement from you as possible. Our format encourages discussion and debate by everyone.See the line up below.

To buy a limited ticket go to Love on Trial ticket blog

There are a number of ways you can contribute to the evening whether you can make it or not. The simplest thing you can do is perhaps add the event link to your facebook status or invite some friends directly.

You could also print off this image and put up as a poster or make into flyers to hand out at work or college. You couldsend us short videos of you asking some of the key questions on the blog, or submit questions for our speed debating session.

Also, one of our contributors is making a video that will illustrate Engels’ Family, Private Property and the State through clips and talking heads sourced entirely online.To take part, all you need to do is suggest YouTube clips for the sections jointhemutiny. See more details at the Join The Mutiny blog

If you have any other questions or suggestions please also email us at jointhemutiny

In the first sesion we will be discussing Pageants, Pole dancing, Pink Pound & Protests and general commodification of Love and Sex. With speakers Nina Power, Alan Bailey from NUS LGBT and Rania Khan Tower Hamlets councillor.

The second session will cover Love in all its shapes and sizes. The session includes the super Penny Red. Musa from Poejazzi performing some special poetry.

The final session will be looking at how the State monitors and interferes with our love, marriage, civil partnerships and much more.

We have Sameena Dalwai talking about her PhD thesis and campaign that she was involved in in Mumbai against the governments new laws to close down lapdancing clubs on the basis that women were

This is the session in which we will be showing the Engels video that we want you to contribute to. responsible for corrupting the men in the region!!

Anyway, thank you all for your great suggestions so far.

See you next week.

Oh, and Happy Valentines… 🙂


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  1. Scary date 😦 I just remember :S

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