Nina Power confirmed for Love on Trial

We are thrilled to announce the first confirmed speaker for Love on Trial, Nina Power; activist, author, academic woman of wonderfulness.

Speaking in the first session Love for Sale Nina will present the case for a radically different world free from sexism, oppression & class. Thx Nina 🙂

Read a review of her book in the Guardian by Natalie Hanman:

‘She has harsh words, too, for upbeat “consumer”/”self-help” feminists such as Jessica Valenti, who subsume “the political and historical . . . under the imperative to feel better about oneself”. In this logic, “Almost everything turns out to be ‘feminist’ – shopping, pole-dancing, even eating chocolate” – and feminism is sold as the “latest must-have accessory”.’



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2 responses to “Nina Power confirmed for Love on Trial

  1. I haven’t (unfortunately) read Nina’s book yet, but The Guardian review is itself excellent and certainly makes the book sound fascinating. For a start it’s refreshing to have something so ambitious, tackling the big and difficult topics and covering so much ground. It seems you could probably base a whole evening just around this book.

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