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3 more speakers confirmed

Councillor Rania Khan who was involved in the Campaign Against People Exploitation who will speak about lapdancing clubs in Tower Hamlets.

Daf Adley, National NUS LGBT officer on homophobia & students campaigns.

Alan Bailey from NUS LGBT committee on The Pink Pound and Pride as a Protest (not a business)


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We Love these photos

Sent in by Laura, Ania, Oli, Clare & Elly. Cheers Mutineers.

Keep ’em coming.

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What is Love? and other questions…

To kick off the night, to get you talking to each other, to provoke inspiration for the main discussions we are beginning with an innovative icebreaker-Speed Debating.

We need around 10 questions, one for each table. We want these questions to come from you. Either comment here on the blog or email us at with suggestions.

Please try to keep them clean! Lovely-thanks 😉


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Nina Power confirmed for Love on Trial

We are thrilled to announce the first confirmed speaker for Love on Trial, Nina Power; activist, author, academic woman of wonderfulness.

Speaking in the first session Love for Sale Nina will present the case for a radically different world free from sexism, oppression & class. Thx Nina 🙂

Read a review of her book in the Guardian by Natalie Hanman:

‘She has harsh words, too, for upbeat “consumer”/”self-help” feminists such as Jessica Valenti, who subsume “the political and historical . . . under the imperative to feel better about oneself”. In this logic, “Almost everything turns out to be ‘feminist’ – shopping, pole-dancing, even eating chocolate” – and feminism is sold as the “latest must-have accessory”.’


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Love on Trial. Relevant reading group tmrw night at SOAS.

Read online at the link below...

Marxist Reading Group: Engels “The Origin of Family, Private Property and the State” (1884). Tmrw, Thursday, B104 in SOAS, from 7-9pm.

All welcome.

Very useful if you’re coming to Love on Trial. Call 07850 177 637 for more info or if you are lost.


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