Mutiny Review from The Sauce

The debut of Mutiny with Money on Trial at the Resistance Gallery has received high praise from far and wide – dubbed “the foundation of a whole new political model” by one audience member and trade unionist.

The event was a massive departure in political meetings and provided an evening of quick fire entertainment which was both engaging and enlightening. Pictures of the event by SOAS student Dougal Wallace can be found on Flickr.

A new format with a top table where everyone from the audience could join a panel of speakers to make contributions broke down the barrier between “expert politician” and spectating activist.

Films from Greenpeace, the Vestas occupation and the Detroit Techo Scene were interspersed with a poem titled Money from Victory MC, talks and discussion.

Ben Craggs, a PhD student at Goldsmiths College and union rep, said in a text: “Just wanted to say, tonight was really impressive. I slightly feared a student politics event.

“It actually felt like the foundation of a whole new political model… Not just a lefty talking shop but a viable alternative that is at once academically rigorous and activist – Congrats.

Olivier and Pierre Wittorski, said via email: “I was just gonna say that it was awesome yesterday, we really enjoyed it.

“It s been a while that we were thinking about going to a political meeting like this and it was beyond what we were expecting: politic, art, music and talking to really cool people.

“It was absolutely brilliant so if you’ve got other interesting stuff to do, give us a shout (don’t worry we will be looking at what is inside the little handed bag).”

Gareth Dale, a socialist and academic from South London said: “Well done for organising the Mutiny event; it was incredibly impressive.

“You got the mix of culture and politics spot on. And, for a first event, I was amazed at how many people came along. It was majestic.”

The first session of the night, titled Money Changes Everything, became a heated debate between academics celebrating the breakdown of copyright with young inspiring artists wondering how they can make a living.

Vestas dominated the environment segment of the night with the premier of the latest film from Reel News capturing the excitement and political vibrancy of the occupation of the wind generator factory workers fighting redundancy through occupation.

The Marxist economist Professor Costas Lapavitsas expounded on the greed of the bankers and weakness of the Government exposed by the credit crunch claiming “the markets do not work”.

The Resistance Gallery was clad with nautical ropes adding to the Mutiny theme and also clad with beautiful, retro artifacts from old televisions to blood spattered walls.

Art collections, including contributions from the stencil artist Arofish and the superb photography of Anna Logophobia also added to a genuinely avant-garde atmosphere.

The next event, Violence on Trial is being held on Thursday, November 26, again at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green. To get involved – organising, blogging, submitting art, speaking, showing a film etc – visit the website at

(Declaration of interest: the Sauce has been involved with Mutiny since its inception).


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