Mutiny welcomes International Talk like a Pirate Day

Oh ar, oh ar and shiver me timbers. Ye ole International Talk like a Pirate Day is upon us. We herald all Mutineers to jump ship and join the jolly anti-capitalist crew in our fight against the unelected, unaccountable captains who have turned this world into a rotten ship and are guiding it to a massive iceberg. We are all capable of running this ship better than them-we need to Mutiny NOW.

So, cross me palm with silver (well, 2 or 4 quid) and come along to Money on Trial to make these scumbags walk the plank.

Aye aye captains, united we stand (not sure if that qualifies as pirate talk!)

Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum (available at the bar from 6pm)


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