Mutiny likes…Lordship Estate Art Project.

lordshipThe Lordship South estate in Stoke Newington has come into some bad press recently; it has in the past been listed as one of the top 10 worst places to live in London. As a reaction to this some of the people on the Estate have come together and sought out help from young artists living and working in London to put on an ‘art’s event’ for one day, using the incredible space that the Lordship South estate provides, in an attempt to show people that it does not deserve the bad reputation it become known for.

The project involves around 20 young artists from London, all from multiple disciplines. The broad variety of art being created and displayed for The Lordship Project will create a rich tapestry of art running through the estate that the audience can then stumble upon; some work being bold and immediate whilst other works blending into the surroundings, really forcing the viewer to look at what they are seeing and to question it. This will not be an urban art show, it will be ‘high art’ in an urban space, which is a fantastic opportunity to experience art and react to it away from the cold white confines of the traditional ‘gallery’ space.

Mutiny has some of these talented artists exhibiting at Money on Trial. Katya will confirm names later today…


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