Leader of the Pirate Party speaks at Money on Trial

DrugPoster_png_210x300_q85Exciting addition to our line up. With 69% of 18-24 year olds voting that downloading and sharing files should be legal Andrew Robinson, leader of the Pirate Party Uk, will be contributing to the Music and Resistance session on the implications of filesharing and the onslaught of government reforms trying to be introduced.

Blur, Radiohead and Pink Floyd are just a few of the artists from the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) who have spoken out in favour of filesharing music. They have all said that downloading has brought them a whole new generation of fans.

We will be asking whether we can in fact fight legislation and perhaps flirt with the idea of an online revolution…

Tickets available from http:
T It appears the Pirate Party is now more popular than the Labour Party, at least on Facebook. Our group there — at the time of writing — has 6364 supporters, whereas Labour’s has only 6356. And the Pirate Party has only been in existance for a month!

This is from Pirate Party UK’s website.

The world is changing. The Pirate Party understands that the law needs to change to match the realities of life in the 21st century.

We have 3 core policies:

Reform copyright and patent law. We want to legalise non-commercial file sharing and reduce the excessive length of copyright protection, while ensuring that when creative works are sold, it’s the artists who benefit, not monopoly rights holders. We want a patent system that doesn’t stifle innovation or make life saving drugs so expensive that patients die.

End the excessive surveillance, profiling, tracking and monitoring of innocent people by Government and big businesses.

• Ensure that everyone has real freedom of speech and real freedom to enjoy and participate in our shared culture.

In recent years we have seen an unprecedented onslaught on the rights of the individual. We are treated like criminals when we share entertainment digitally, even though this is just the modern equivalent of lending a book or a DVD to a friend. We look on helpless as our culture and heritage, so important for binding our society together, is eroded and privatised.



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2 responses to “Leader of the Pirate Party speaks at Money on Trial

  1. There’s very little modern government does to help the people its created to serve; Intellectual property is one great example. Go Pirates!

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