Reid Dudley-Smith presents on Music and the Internet

Do Pirates rule?

Do Pirates rule?

Reid Dudley-Smith is a Sound Artist who lives and works in Kent, in the South East of England.

As Torrent trackers scramble for legitimate business models, the once revolutionary polemic of the Internet has since been appropriated by corporate culture. This talk explains how practices used by the music Industry are now more damaging and out of touch than ever before, for both the artist and consumer. Taking both a cultural and economic angle, I would like to discuss with the group possible methods for a truly revolutionary new relationship between artists and consumers using digital distribution, in order to resolve the cultural crisis that has been instigated by equally poor economic conditions.

About me:

Reid Dudley-Smith is a Sound Artist who lives and works in Kent. His academic and artistic work is centred around Marxist analysis of the relationship between culture, technology and economics. A champion of both innovative practices and Analogue heritage, Reid’s sculptural sound installations have mixed streaming audio with long-forgotten tape cassettes and field recordings.

Reid is currently studying an undergraduate degree in Sonic Arts at Canterbury Christ Church University, where he is preparing to begin his second year. He has worked with sound as both a musical and artistic material, having performed at international music festivals and contemporary art galleries.

Reid’s work often takes computer software and new technologies as its source material, including Apple BASIC, a multi-channel sound installation that surrounds the listener in software code from the 1970’s. Often his works seeks to reach a dialogue between new and old, mixing vinyl records and audio tape with podcasts and VoIP conversations. The ongoing Dioramas project seeks to construct audio-visual narratives from Reid’s vast collection of media.


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