What do you want to see at Mutiny?

In the spirit of working collaboratively, as we intend always to do, we welcome  suggestions and advice on what we should be doing.

Topics, pieces  of art (ooh, that sounds like pieces of eight!!),  DJ’s, speakers…

Just comment at the bottom of this post. Anything.



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3 responses to “What do you want to see at Mutiny?

  1. A mailing list would be good. I am a bit lazy about my RSS reader…

  2. mutineersmutiny

    Yes, that is a good idea. any idea of how to do it on WordPress? These blogs look nicer than blogger but are much harder to use!!

    I’ll look into it.

    Thx for your feedback…let me know if you want to be on board organising, filming, writing etc (anything really). I know you cant make the first one but we have two more planned (if the first one goes well!)

    Violence on Trial-December
    Love on Trial-February

    Will be looking for all manner of artists for these two so send in any suggestions.

    Speak soon…

    The Mutineers 🙂

  3. mutineersmutiny

    Mailing list now up and runnig. Thx for the prompt Daniel…

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