Mutiny and Critical Sexology present: Sex on Trial on Thursday 8th December

Mutiny and Critical Sexology are bringing activists, practitioners, academics and artists together to put sex on trial on 8th December. We’ll be back at the amazing Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green from 3pm ’til late, and free food will be provided!
Sex on Trial flyerThe afternoon’s Critical Sexology seminar will have a Mutiny twist with speed debating and discussions on sex education and consent around a central table.

The evening event will bring Critical sexology topics and academic perspectives on activism into an evening of discussion, art, performance and music on the subject of sex.

Doors open at 3pm and the afternoon’s event will kick off  with speed debating, giving seminar participants an opportunity to get to know each other and discuss the issues of the day.

We’ll move on to our first discussion session at 3.30pm – hearing from speakers from the Sex Workers Open University and researcher Ester McGeeny on different perspectives on sex education.

Our second critical sexology session at 4.30pm at will focus on consent – what does consent mean? What could consent look like? How could we approach sexual violence, ethics and consent in different ways? The session will include a video and talk from artist Alex Brew and a performance from Deborah Grayson.

We’ll be providing free food from 5.30pm, after which the evening event will kick off with another round of speed debating, followed by three sessions:

7pm Sex police
We’ll have poetry from Jo Johnson, exclusive video interviews with Sarah Mclleland and Kitty Stryker, and Cari Mitchell from the English Collective of Prostitutes. We’ll be discussing who gets to decide what counts as ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’ sex? How is it regulated? What happens if you don’t fit within these boundaries?

8pm Workshop – activist listening
The topic of sex is often a site of conflict in activist and academic circles – Meg Barker and Jamie Heckert will introduce a workshop on how we can create spaces and ways of engaging with each other that listen and respect differences, and work together for change.

9pm Sexual revolution
In our final session we’ll hear from artist and activist Nor, who will discuss what sex could look like in our ideal society and whether sexual pleasure can have a political role.

The evening will end with live music and our resident Mutiny DJ Riotstar


Entry to the afternoon seminar is free.

Tickets for the evening event are £5 buy-one-get-one-free in advance online at or £5/3 on the door.

If you attend the afternoon seminar event you will be entitled to concession price entry to the evening event (£3).